Nov 23, 2010

green polka dots: making it work

kari contacted me because she was struggling 
with her daughters room:

she loves the green and white polka-dotted comforter,
but was not sure what color to paint the walls, 
or what to pair with the green.
here's what i came up with:
adding yellow creates an analogous scheme,
enhancing visual harmony.
touches of black and white
provide contrast and a 
little bit of chic.
to read more about analogous color schemes,
read the post i wrote for design dazzle here.


  1. It is amazing what a talented designer can do! I would have worked to discourage her from using the comforter!! But, I love the combination. Really makes it look sophisticated. M.

  2. Good gravy i love that pillow with the yellow rosettes.

    Love your blog, btw.

  3. I love it! The pillow really helps pull everything together.

  4. oh I do hope she sends you after photo's. I love your idea's, as always they really work...


  5. the soft yellow, black, and white are so refreshing and could easily transcend different age groups! great job!

  6. the soft yellow, black, and white are so refreshing - and this scheme could easily transcend through different age groups. Great job!

  7. What a fun mood board! I hope she sends you photos when it's done so we can see it.