Nov 8, 2010

pretty bath

do you ever see a picture of a room 
that leaves you breathless?
that's what happened when i saw this bathroom...
what i love:
1. the pops of blue...that tiny bit of color really 
brings this bathroom to life.
2. the balance of cool and warm--even though the marble 
has cool undertones, the wood, the rug, the chair, 
and the soft creamy walls infuse this space with warmth.
3. the high ceilings, and trey above the chandelier.
it looks like there is some sort of skylight...
4. the custom vanity looks like it could be an antique.
 there is so much space under the legs, 
which makes the room appear larger.
5. the crown moldings add character and texture, and really 
stand out, even though they are painted 
the same color as the walls.
6. the blue glass lamps are such an unusual and gorgeous choice!
7. the tall doors are the perfect proportion 
for the high ceilings.
8. the shower room is large and gets a ton of natural light.
it also visually expands the bathroom because of the 
glass door and the windows.
9. i like that smaller tiles of marble were used on the floor and the tub face, but slabs were used on the wall...
and i love that the base and the casings around the shower room door and window, and the chair molding are also marble.
yes sir.
this is one
beautiful. bathroom.
images found via: atlanta homes magazine


  1. The lamps placed on the vanity is a brilliant move, makes it read like a buffet or beautiful piece of furniture. Fabulous idea for a bathroom that has the space to do this, and even better, the color of them!

  2. this bathroom is breathtaking! i love the lamps and rug in the bathroom, makes it so much more elegant!

  3. You can duplicate it in house 8, 9, or 10! Take out the color, and the bones of the room are really great. You could use any color. Someone needs to have a post on coloring clear lamps. Thanks Ann

  4. It is fabulous, from one angle it almost looks like a public room in a home with the blue lamp bases and all.

  5. nutbird, yes, wouldn't that be dreamy?! i love that you KNOW that there WILL be a house 8, 9 and 10! oh yes...there will be...someday.
    and yeah, someone does need to do a tutorial on coloring clear lamps!

  6. Looks like a fancy spa...I would love to have this bathroom to relax in...

  7. what a glamorous bathroom!
    <3 Cara
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  8. That's pretty glam - as I was scrolling I thought that it looked like something you'd find in Atlanta and sure enough, Atlanta Homes! :)

  9. I about died! This room is GORGEOUS! And that framed! Be still my ♥!