Nov 17, 2010

bath makeover

living in a rental can really be a bummer.
especially when you are the "creative" type...
allen and i built our first home just 2 1/2 years after 
we were out of college, and spent the next 8 years
building another home and remodeling three.
so, the transition to this rental house has been
...(*ahem) interesting.
 yes, i admit, there are days when i feel sorry for myself.
when i stare at the vinyl floors and the ugly wallpaper
i just know for things to look GOOD, it would take an
overhaul that we cannot afford and frankly, don't really have 
the mental energy for right now. 
but then i spotted a little bathroom makeover that
really got my wheels spinning.
just over a year ago, jennifer boles, 
author of the blog peak of chic, 
transformed a bathroom 
 without ripping out the floors. or the ugly shower.
or the laminate countertops. 
and it looks fabulous.
the before:

and after!

 after seeing these pictures, i am highly inspired to do
something with one of the two bathrooms on our main floor.
didn't she do a great job?
you can see more details of this transformation here.


  1. Great update for an apartment! I think if you redo yours you will feel much much better. And...I can. not. wait. to see it ;)


  2. um wow that looks awesome - i would be interested to see how the lighting it with the overhead light turned on - can't get ready in the dark! but this totally works for an extra bathroom

  3. Lesson learned: When in doubt, cover it up!