Nov 24, 2010


a few months ago, i wrote a post on
the great selection of anthro-inspired 
knobs and pulls at hobby lobby.
well, i just found another great source...
world market.

buying new knobs can instantly update an
old dresser or nightstand and add
character to existing bathroom cabinets.

what's great about these knobs is that many of them
are identical to antropologie knobs,
but at a fraction of the cost. plus,
unlike the knobs at hobby lobby,
you can shop online.
click here to see more of their selection.


  1. Wow, they picked up on a good thing...and the prices ARE great! Janell

  2. oh thanks! i have some of the hobby lobby ones and i love them. i am collecting knobs to put on my kitchen cabinets, a different one for each door. i can't wait to see how it comes together! i loooooove these ones.