Nov 9, 2010

sofa steal

as i was hunting for an affordable sofa for 
my clients living room,
we stumbled on this sofa from pier 1.
it's a dead ringer for the sofa that we were considering 
ordering from here.(thanks jenny!)

*if you have a sofa that you need to keep but want to update the look, try getting a loose cover sofa for an instant update.

it's only available in 3 fabrics, and i can't say that
i would strongly recommend it for a room where it will get 
heavy-duty wear,
but it was a perfect choice for this living room, 
which will only be used occasionally.
yeah, i know...upholstery from pier 1.
we were able to test it out in the store,
and i have to say that i was pleasantly surprised!
it's really sturdy and comfy.
not to mention easy on the wallet and the eyes!
we ordered it in the "taupe" color.
(the cushion is looking all kinds of funky in this
picture, but i promise it looks fabulous in real life!)
when we bought it, a few weeks ago, 
pier 1 had all their upholstery on sale, and they were
also offering a $20 gift certificate for every $200 spent.
sooo, we ended up getting this sofa for right around $540.
the legs are simple and black.
i really love the clean lines of the sofa, and the oversized nailhead trim is a great detail.
and the price can't be beat!


  1. I would have said No Way, but for $500 I guess you can't go wrong. One thing I would always recommend for young people would be to get the best sofa you can afford. I really like Lee Industries and Mitchell Gold. They last a lifetime. I have even bought them in consignment shops. The cushions will settle down after a while. Ann

  2. I so love it when I find things like this for my clients! Very satisfying. Good for you! Mandi.

  3. looks great and can't beat the price!