Jul 1, 2011

a stroll through seaside

i first learned about seaside, florida in an architectural history class in college. seaside is a community on the gulf coast of florida, and at the time it was developed in the late 1980's was a pioneer in
progressive land development. you may recognize it from "the truman show", which was filmed here.
 there is a town square, where people gather for concerts, meetings, and movies, which is surrounded by shops, a post office, and, beyond that, housing, green spaces, a chapel, parks and pools.

um...this was just as yummy as it sounds, in case you wondered.

i love how the carefully planned green spaces provide shade and break up the urban feel of the shops.
doesn't this look like new orleans or savannah?

 the interfaith chapel.
 the houses are so lovely, and have fabulous curb appeal.

 i loved the chartreuse shutters on this white house.

this store had some great architectural salvage pieces, and a very eclectic mix of art, jewelry,
furniture and clothing.
this chair has a great patina, and i loved the wood bowl.

this huge shell mirror was really fun.
some bright and modern local art.
on the beach side of the street, there are more shops, and you can get a peek of the ocean...

even the bathrooms were well designed.

i even loved the textures of the pavers in the parking lot.
we ate here. it was great, and it was southern!
what we ate:
black eyed pea hummus.
"soul rolls" with chicken, collard greens served with peach chutney.
frogs legs.
olive selection.
the "seafood celebration"...with gouda cheese grits and fried green tomatoes. YUM!

* one particular store in seaside was amazing....i will hopefully show you the pictures tomorrow!


  1. stop now because you making me miss home. (southern girl born and raise currently living in the southwest.)

  2. My husband and I just got back from Seaside last week. We loved the area so much and can't wait to go back!

  3. Hey Autumn,
    We are on our way down there tomorrow morning for the week! The weather looks pretty. I love the bookstore there in the center area. I could spend hours hanging out in there. M.

  4. looks like your enjoyed your trip! the fish looks delicious!

  5. Hi Autumn ! Seaside ist traumhaft ! KR from Austria, gosia


  6. Aah, one of our favorite vacation destinations. We've been going to the area for well over a decade and my kids can't wait to return every summer. It really is idyllic. Next time be be sure to check out Rosemary Beach down the road. It's a quieter, equally beautiful, version of Seaside.

  7. Gorgeous pictures Autumn! I love each and every One!!!!
    I want to go!
    This is when I get all dreamy eyed for a white slip-covered beach house. Will you design it for me?