Dec 7, 2011

design plan: shared nursery

i thought i would share the design plan for a shared nursery that i completed. my client recently had a baby boy, and already has a toddler son. she wanted to update his room to accommodate the new baby, and add some color and personality. the walls will be painted a soft blue, and a graphic rug in a dark chocolate brown will ground the space. accents in kelly green, orange, red and blue will add additional color, while fun accents like a map covered lampshade and a driftwood mirror will add texture and whimsy.

 interested in working together to create a more beautiful and functional space?
email me at
i will be taking new clients for full room designs after january 9th, but i can fit in a phone consultation anytime.


  1. Such fun, unconventional this design.

  2. Ahhh really great design! Perfect for a boy!

  3. Lovely plan. I have that "I" (or maybe it's a "T"?) fabric on an ottoman/stool. I do enjoy seeing my likes on your likes boards. :) I feel like I'm on a version of the right track w/my design efforts.