Dec 1, 2011

merry christmas to me

one of the items i have been perpetually on the hunt for over the last two years are some nightstands for my master bedroom. i have had the SAME nightstand since college! 
i bought it at downeast outfitters.
in 1992.
for $11.
needless to say, i have gotten my moneys' worth out of the thing. it is a half circle black table with two tiers, and it has been really great for the last NINETEEN years, but as each year passes, i realize that i NEED something with drawers...something a little bigger....and something a little more grown-up.
i have been wanted a set of matching nightstands for while, but have never found anything i really liked in my budget. i found a pair of vintage nightstands on ebay about a year ago, and almost pulled the trigger. they were relatively affordable at just under $450 for the pair. when i finally decided i wanted them, someone else had beat me to them! argh! don't you hate it when that happens?
well, i was doing some scouting for an online design project yesterday, when the heavens opened and i heard angels singing! yeah...ok, not really, but it felt like it. there, in the clearance section at jc was the perfect nightstand! (yah know, the perfect nightstand in my budget!)
check it out:

it is called the walnut lane nightstand, and it is on sale right now for $115.
i love that the drawers are flush with the face of the nightstand, and that there is just one hole for the hardware. the size is also perfect....almost 28" wide, and just under 18" deep. 

they appear simple and classic and sturdy, but if i wanted to change them a little, i could paint them...

add some grass cloth or raffia to the drawers....
add some trim...

paint the drawers only...

gold leaf the drawers...

add a fun zig zag pattern to the front....

or add some wallpaper...

oh, and the best news? i opted to ship them to a store near my house, so the shipping for both of them was $30, AND they are having a promotion right now to save 15% off of any online order, so the total for BOTH nightstands was $240! 

love that "$961.16" savings....
i get myself the BEST gifts.


  1. woohoo! Awesome find! Be sure to show pics if you change them up at all. I'm curious to see what you do :)


  2. How funny. I have been looking at the same ones but I think they might be a bit too wide for the space. Great for you and sad for me.

    Jen k

  3. I am so glad that I read this post this morning! I, too, have been on the hunt for nightstands. I have been using really rinky dink nightstands for a few years now and was looking to upgrade to something more substantial. I've been searching craig's list and flea markets to no avail. And then I read your post!! I just ordered two for myself!! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Great score! i just love when that happens.

  5. what a GREAT find! I love them just as they are, but all of the inspiration images are fun (and, I bet, tempting!)

  6. Ooh, great purchase! The right nightstand with the right dimensions is so hard to find. That one is full of possibilities!

  7. LOVE the nightstands, they are gorgeous! And what an awesome deal :)

  8. I was on the hunt for the same ones. I ended up modifying it from the Ikea Rast. But for $200, I would have bought it vs. spending weeks to DIY it.

  9. What a great find! And I love that the possibilities are endless...I get myself the best gifts too :)

  10. Very nicely done, A! Post some pics when they arrive and let us know what you think of the quality. W/the original price being nearly $600, I'm inclined to think they're going to be quite solid.

  11. What a bargain! I love the simple design, but your ideas for switching up the look are excellent too. You could even use one of these as a side table.

  12. Great find - love the look - modern but not too much so! M.

  13. Oh my gosh they look like there are from Bungalow 5. Great score, bout time you got some new ones ;)