Dec 23, 2011

last minute wrapping ideas

i know, i know.
this post would have been a LOT more helpful last week. or two weeks ago.
unfortunately, i am not one of those people that has everything ready for every holiday weeks and weeks in advance. (and if you are one of those people, and you need something to keep you busy today, come over to my house and i will put you to work!)

as i was wrapping a few gifts yesterday, i thought i would take a few pictures to
share some inexpensive and easy last minute ideas for wrapping all of those christmas gifts.

these are the gifts that my kiddos gave to their friends. they are king size candy bars that i wrapped with pages from a coloring book. the twine is from ikea. i used my cricut to cut out the tags and the letters, but if you don't have one, you can just trace an existing tag, and use a marker to write the initial.

this is another really inexpensive way to wrap a gift...
again, if you want a nice, crisp letter and you don't have a cricut (or other cutting machine) you can print the letters you need on your printer and cut them out.

this is a great way to wrap a gift without using a lot of ribbon.

and finally, who doesn't have a bunch of buttons lurking somewhere in their house?
just stack three buttons to make a snowman. alternate the top button to make him look like he has eyes.
this look would be especially fun if the buttons were different colors.

happy wrapping!


  1. love these simple wrappings - they're the prettiest!

  2. Very nice Autumn: I like wrappings that are simple yet sophisticated!
    Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope the holiday will be wonderful!