Dec 23, 2011

jc penny nightstand review

i finally picked up the nightstands that i gave myself for christmas.
i have to say, that i am really impressed. they arrived pretty quickly at my local jc penny, but it took me a few days to coordinate a good pick up time with husband.
they were packaged very well...all corners, sides and base were surrounded by styrofoam, and the boxes they came in were really heavy-duty.
(as you can see, the wall behind the nightstand is currently painted navy blue...something that i intend to paint over in the near future...)

the size and shape are exactly what i have been searching for! they are well made and i definitely feel like i scored a major deal.  the drawers are well constructed and glide easily on their tracks, and the piece is heavy and feels sturdy and durable.
i am a happy camper.

i just checked, and sadly, they are no longer available. however, the matching dresser is available for an incredible $276!
i did receive a few comments and emails from others saying that they ordered the nightstands as all, so i am thrilled that a few of you were able to get this great deal as well.
after all, christmas is about sharing , right?


  1. Really the lamp, too. You are right...Christmas is about sharing!

  2. Hi Autumn,

    After you got your nightstands I tried to order the dresser to use and maybe modify for an entry piece but the shipping had to be to the home and it was about $200 which I thought was really expensive considering the price of the piece. Any ideas would be appreciated. Anyway happy holidays and I am a loyal blog reader of yours


  3. drat!
    that's too bad that the shipping is so much!
    i have to say though...that even WITH the shipping, getting a decent dresser for under $500 is still a pretty great deal.
    if you are looking for an alternative, the hemnes dresser from ikea has a similar look to this line.
    best of luck!

  4. Looks great Autumn! Love the brass ring pulls against the dark wood.

  5. Thanks for the review! I shall go unpack mine now! LOL

  6. Love the nightstand! And I love the rug that I can only see bits of... can you share where you got it and what the size is? I'm looking for something similar for my dining room. Thanks!

  7. holly,
    the rug is from the foundary. it is an 8x10, and is a wool and jute mix with a subtle chevron pattern. it is really soft underfoot.
    west elm carries a similar rug here:

    hope this helps!

  8. Very pretty! I recently bought a small kitchen stand/cabinet from JCP and was really impressed.

  9. Gorgeous nightstand! When I went to the jcpenny website to check it out, I noticed that they had a pretty dining room table set under the same line (Linden Street/Walnut Lane). The set isn't carried in my local JCP, so I was wondering what you thought the quality would be like based on your nightstand (I know, terribly hard question since they are so different). But the price is so good, and I've been looking for something for awhile that would be nice enough but not break the bank, and this one just seems like a great deal. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Years!

  10. so, as far as the quality goes, i would say that the nightstands are GOOD quality. they are obviously not AMAZING quality, but they are really solid and sturdy, and i was really pleased. theses are nightstands that i would gladly pay $300-400 for.

    i would think that the dining set would be similarly made...
    i would say go for it!