Dec 6, 2011

ikea bookcase window seat

this is the easiest project ever, and can make a huge impact in any room. grady's room was the perfect candidate for this "bookcase into window seat" because there was already a jog in the wall directly in front of his window, which happened to be almost the exact size of the ikea expedit bookcase...but you can add this "window seat" to any window...or even to a wall without windows! 
here is what you will need for this project:
an expedit bookcase from ikea. i used black/brown.

4 small bun feet, available at lowes (or any large home improvement store). 
these come unfinished, and i spray painted mine black.

straight top plate, also available at lowes right next to the the feet.

assemble the expedit bookcase according to the directions.

mount the top plates on the corners of the bookcase. be careful not to drill into the hollow portion of the bookcase.

move it into place!
as you can see, i painted the room. no more purple!
i ended up choosing benjamin moore's "blue springs" 1592.
it is a really great blue. it is soft and has enough cool tones in it to relate to the rug.

you don't have to add feet, but there is a supply vent located on the floor in the middle of the jog in the wall, and i needed to raise it up a bit. i also think this dresses it up.

here is a peek at the textiles that will be going in the room.
(and also a peek of the freaky halloween mask that my son refuses to let me pack away.)

to see the design plan for this room, click here.
i am going to have a cushion made for the window seat out of the orange, tan and black striped ikea rug!
* i have dropped the rug off at the upholsterers, and can't wait to get the cushions back!

the black and white plaid curtains will be hung in the next day or two. you can also spot the ikea malou bedding and the ikea vadmal blanket. i think my favorite thing so far are the lands end sheets. they are even better in person than they looked online.

oh, and just in case y'all were wondering...we did NOT blow away sunday night. the windstorm was nowhere near as strong as the one that hit thursday night. all is well. 


  1. What a great idea! Can't wait to see it once you're done :)

  2. I have been planning to do this too! I want it in my kitchen. Thanks for going first and showing me how fab it is!

  3. How ingenious and cost you can take it with you if you ever move. It's perfect.

  4. Who are you using to make the cushion for the seat? I am in need of someone to make some for me!

  5. i use markells in bountiful. great service, and fabulous work!

  6. LOVE it!!! And I also have that orange, tan and black rug and the other colorway with more orange than tan...still deciding where I should use it!

  7. super cute! We topped a couple of ikea storage pieces with cushions in my nephew's room. Then repurposed the middle piece of a media storage unit as a bench seat in a client's foyer! Love the bun feet addition, and the room is looking great.

  8. The feet go into the top plates?
    Also, the expidit on its side is strong enough to sit on?

  9. Wonderful! Although I had the same concern as Mel...will it hold up? IKEA is not particularly known for the sturdiness or longevity of its furniture... :( I sure hope it does; it's such a great idea!!

  10. It fills your space perfectly, like it was made to go there. Great project and a good place to store baskets of things you want to keep out of site. I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished space.

  11. How inventive. I am making a desk and this was a big help.

  12. Loved it!! Ordering the shelf today to start my project. Thanks