Dec 27, 2011

great pillow source

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!
ours was nice and relaxing that i took not just ONE but TWO naps!
who does that?? who can take TWO naps and still go to bed at 10:30? 
(besides really old people, babies + cats?)
i guess i needed the sleep...

i promised myself that i would take  a break from the computer this week,
but with pinterest beckoning, and the kids being totally entertained with their
new ds and wii games, i just couldn't resist.
as i was clicking around, i found some pretty great pillows at home decorators that
i wanted to share. etsy is usually my source for great looking, affordable pillows, 
but i just might be swayed into using home decorators more if they keep a great selection like
this stocked:

hand hooked crown "king" pillow

branches pillow

fairborn pillow

hooked butterfly pillow

dixie pillow in light green

floral frenzy pillow in pink multi

hooked floral pillow

numeric pillow

saratoga pillow

burlap number 85 pillow

garrick pillow

circuit pillow

adelle pillow

allendale pillow

braden pillow

wheeling pillow

geomatriex pillow

button pillow-set of 2

butterflies pillow 

bess pillow

i love that most of these pillows have some texture to them...embroidery, hand hooked, buttons.....
and most all come with a polyfil insert. (which can be swapped out for a feather/down insert later)
go here to check out the rest of their pillows! they have a huge selection!


  1. You always find the greatest sources! Hope your holiday was happy!

  2. Those are some great pillows Autumn! Thanks for the source!

  3. Lots of interesting pillows here. As a bird lover, love the branches pillow.

  4. These are certainly great Autumn... I too go to Etsy for all pillows. But you know, they often don't come with the inserts, as you've mentioned. ABout to go and look around right now.
    Question: I am looking for a bench for the end of our bed. Upholstered. Love nailhead trim. Or maybe two small ottomans. Do you have any shopping suggestions????? thanks!

  5. so, as far as a bench or set of benches goes, it really depends on the look you want.
    i tend to favor ones that have some metal on them, as i think they look really great contrasting to all the "softness" in the bedding, but really, there are SO many nice looking ones out there.
    here are a few that i found:
    cheap, adds some texture, has nailhead trim, but if you don't like the animal print, it can easily be swapped out:

    two of these could be really pretty...they are similar to the ones that i bought about a year ago at jcpenny, and double the price, but they are super fun:

    i love the look of these:
    however, you can find similar benches for about $100 each, and recover them and add the nailhead:

    i also really like these:

    have a great day!
    i hope this helps.