Dec 20, 2011

sounds of the season

when it comes to holiday music, i think that people's playlists vary as much as their tastebuds.
some people LOVE more contemporary, upbeat christmas songs (which i don't mind at all), while others prefer instrumental versions ( which i also like). i think it also depends a lot on what you grew up listening to. it's hard to think of christmas without those songs and artists that you grew up hearing. my husbands family (love you guys!) think i am weird because i don't LOVE elvis at's not that i DON'T like elvis singing christmas tunes, it's just that...ok, i don't like elvis singing christmas tunes. is that so wrong?

here is what makes up the recipe for my perfect holiday playlist:

a big ol', hefty, heaping scoop of:

(oh, how i LOVE me some johnny mathis at christmastime! 
if i could only listen to one artist, it would be my johnny!)

a hearty dollop of:

(i am a child of the 70's/80's. what can i say?)


(the best renditions of "tennessee christmas" and "breath of heaven" ever.")

a dash of:

(how can you resist THIS guy?)

and this:

classic. perfection.

a sprinkling of:

(a new fave.)

and a smidgeon of:

trying at all cost to avoid:

(yuck. i would rather listen to will farrell's version of his singing...
everytime i hear his voice, i feel like i am in 
the pococnos... about to get into a heart shaped tub... in 1978.)


(blech. who's idea was it for this guy to record a christmas album??
 people who hate christmas, that's who.)

and, of course, stuff like this:

what artist/songs are MUSTS on your holiday playlists?
any that you loathe?
what can't you live without?
do tell....


  1. That playlist is right up my alley, and the Gene and Richard Simmons duets is hilarious!

  2. Yay! I fellow Carpernter's Christmas lover. I grew up with it (my mom had the record), and a few years ago we searched all over to find it on CD because Christmas just wasn't Christmas without them;)

  3. angie, that richard simmons album came up when i googled "worst christmas albums ever". shocker, huh?

    michelle, go carpenters! i wish karen had lived longer...we would all have way more carpenters goodness to listen to!

  4. Don't forget the Judd's CD!! It's actually pretty good.
    Also, Collective Soul's version of Blue Christmas ROCKS! Merry Christmas!!

  5. love your play list, sounds just like mine!

  6. Yes, yes, yes for Johnny! It's not Christmas without him. My sister & I took my mother to see him in concert last December at a small venue and it was amazing. We turned to each other as he sang the first notes and said, "holy sh#t, it's JOHNNY MATHIS!" (He still sounds great & hits all the high notes.)

  7. Love Johnny Mathis, & it's not even Christmas w/o Nat King Cole! Looks like we have similar taste in Christmas music. I would add Harry Connick Jr, and my entire family loves the soundtrack from ELF (it's got some great classics), but I have to agree with your in-laws, a little Blue Christmas would round things out nicely!

  8. I love the Ray Coniff Singers. They bring back the earliest Christmas memories I have at my grandparents home.

  9. Love these...grew up with pretty much all of them, but when I saw Amy Grant and that you KNOW as well that she has the best version of Breath of Heaven, ever. period. I knew you had not only great taste in decorating, but in music as well! Love that song. I am craving that song. Thanks Autumn! Merry Christmas!

  10. Total agreement on the Amy Grant CD. Breath of Heaven is amazing. Do you have her " A Christmas to Remember" CD? I also really enjoy Harry Connick Jr's When My Heart Finds Christmas. I have a CD version of Gene Autry's Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer album that I listened to as a kid, and I also like a CD I have called Jingle Bell Swing, which is lots of different jazz and big band groups doing Christmas tunes. Eartha Kitt's version of Santa Baby is on that, and I really like her version so much better than anyone else's.