Sep 24, 2012

affordable find round up

a few more affordable goodies that i spotted recently:

if you are the only person in america who doesn't have a round mirror in their house, 
now just might be the time to get one!

this glass becca mirror is ridiculously cheap right now...i'm talking under $30 folks.

another great mirror---nearly 4' in diameter, and under $70. that's a lot of bang for your buck!

the jackson mirror is another bargain at just under $50.

anytime i find a good looking mercury glass lamp for under $100, i get excited. this one has such a great shape and is $69.

i'm kinda in love with the color and shape of this dijon ceramic lamp. aren't those little handles cute? only $70...

this grey nailhead x-bench looks WAY more expensive than it's $311 price tag. it is also available in blue and purple.

i thought this $85 golden rings table was whimsical. it would look great perched beside a tailored chair.

although i am not a huge fan of the wood stain on this $229 console, i think it would look a-mazing painted in a glossy white or a charcoal grey. the details are really great--especially the round detail around the ring pull hardware.

how cute is this little ottoman? it would look darling in a little girls room, paired with fuchsia or coral.

happy shopping friends!!

(house update: we are in the process of getting the permits secured, and finalizing plans and working on engineering, which is going to take anywhere from 8-14 days. after that, we will be able to break ground!)
if you haven't filled out my survey, click here! i will be posting results tomorrow.

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  1. These are fantastic finds. I think I'm going to get that mercury lamp, it is so perfect and affordable!
    Thanks for sharing.