Sep 14, 2012

here, there and everywhere.

**warning: pictureless post**

first of all...let me say that i NEVER intended to write a post like this.
not EVER.

you see, for the most part, i am a bit of an introvert. i love my down time and i really love my privacy.
don't get me wrong--i LOVE talking with people and being social, but i am not one of those people that can walk into a crowd and make instant friends with everyone.
i am more of a "one-on-one" type of gal.
it has taken me a long time to realize who i am and embrace my strengths and recognize my weaknesses.
i am pretty darn great in a lot of areas in my life, but there are other areas in which i...*a-hem* need improvement.
a LOT of improvement.

for instance, i am terrible at remembering cub scouts every wednesday for my 8 year old son.

in fact--this is what has been going down in my house every wednesday for the last 8 months-
"WHAT?? it is wednesday again? huh? do you really have scouts every week? where is your shirt? don't you have to wear your shirt??  it always at the same time? where is it again? didn't you just have scouts?? ugh. maybe we just won't go this week. i think your shirt is in the wash. how is it wednesday again?....i really need to put an alert on my i-phone for this...later" 

i am also really bad at self-promotion.

i would make a HORRIBLE mary-kay lady/amway salesman/pampered chef hostess.
i would never schedule parties because i would feel like i was annoying people. forcing them be somewhere or listen to something that they have no interest in. anyone else get what i mean? (i am such a wuss.)

 my husband, who is the exact opposite of me in certain ways, (totally outgoing, can talk to ANYONE in the world at anytime, life of the party type-of guy, and can have 200 balls in the air at the same time and it doesn't phase him) has been encouraging me to branch out.
promote myself.
get a Facebook page.
get on twitter.
sign up for linked-n.

ei-yi-yi!! i would moan. 
that just sounds like so much w-o-r-k!!
(insert a looooong *sigh, and me flopping down face first on the bed...)
i feared that it would be like adopting a set of quadruplets!
4 more things to have to watch over.
worry about.
think about.
stress about.
i have been thinking a lot lately about how stretched we all are.
there are SO many places to "be".  did i really want to ask people to "go' somewhere else to "find/follow" me?

i guess i just felt like if someone wants to FIND me, they can come to my blog.
i mean...i am always at my blog. at some point during the week, i am here. the problem is that not everyone looks at blogs (gasp!). crazy, i know. and some people use these other sources almost exclusively as a way meet others.
i know that each of these social media sites has its place and function, and realize the positive aspects of broadening my horizons.

SO, i am finally caving.
this blog will always be my main source of creative outlet. this is where you can get the juicy details of my projects and what i am finding and loving and thinking.

however, starting now, you can also find me here:

facebook. (under design dump)
instagram. @autumnclemons
linkedin. i am.
putting myself out there.
feel free to follow me! (and if you don't, i totally GET why)
have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. I'm a bit of an introvert myself, but I try to venture out. I totally hear ya on the lack of self-promotion. I could never be in sales either because I'd always think I was bothering someone or that they wouldn't be interested. That's why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors! We don't all have to be good at the same thing. You're a tremendous decorator and you have an eye for style - not everyone has that.

    I commend you for stepping outside your comfort zone and stepping into a new social media world. I'm still in the olden times with just my blog and a personal FB page. I may catch up someday but for now, I like being in my own little (unconnected) world!

    1. thanks danielle! there are days when i think about how simple life seemed when all i had was a personal FB page. i am certainly grateful for the opportunities that i have to use my education, but i have to continually stretch myself!!

  2. I get what you are saying but think it's wise to put yourself out there. I'm a follower :)

  3. totally with you on the self promotion thing, not my thing at all. good for you though! with that said i am a social media junkie in that i have all of the above and check them to keep in touch with fave things. and you are on of my faves so i will be following all of the above! good luck with your new ventures :)

    1. thanks whitney! i have to say that instgram is definitely my favorite thing besides my blog...i still have yet to really "get" twitter. being on it makes me feel like an old lady trying to be a teenager.

  4. Yeah!!! Sorry, I know exactly what you are saying, "my name is Angela and I am an introvert". Of course my husband is not and does not understand my homebody-ness. But I was looking for more of design dump yesterday and couldn't find it!! (why do I need more?? because I am at home!) I love looking at your work and being inspired! I love studying what you do and why and you are SO good at explaining it in a way that I can understand. IMO you are a true professional that "gets" her audience. THANK YOU! (p.s. I don't ever comment on blogs either) :)

    1. awww!! thank you!! i really appreciate your comment. it means a lot. especially since you never comment on blogs!! you really went out of your comfort zone, and i am loving you for that!!
      thanks for the sweet comments.

  5. you sound like me and my hubby. that was great promotion of your pages though! i totally wanted to follow you after reading that (so i do now). i'm the opposite of you. i have those pages and am about to start a blog, which seems totally overwhelming. you're doing the hardest part already! the rest isn't that bad.

    1. you go! blogging is a little like having a pet....however, if you re really passionate about what you are blogging about, you will love it! and don't get too hung up on stats and stuff. it can really get to you. just do it because you love it! i am sure you will enjoy it.

  6. You will do great!! Love your blog...I check it daily. The other social media things are great as well but still prefer details of blogs and pinterest as main 'go to'. Make sure you make time to "unplug" and Have a great weekend

    1. thanks louiseM.
      it is so great to know that REAL people check my blog daily. it also gives me motivation to not be too lazy!!
      ah---i definitely do appreciate my unplugged time. there is nothing better than tuning out for a day or two, and being with loved ones!

  7. YAY! Welcome to social media!

    Don't worry we are cut out of the same cloth... :)

    You work is fabulous and deserves to be promoted to the masses!

    1. thank you!! i still feel like i am learning the ropes on so many day all this stuff will seem second nature, i am sure. until then, i will just have to FAKE it.

  8. I am totally 100% with you. Including the flopping on the bed face first at the thought of having to update Twitter, Facebook and the like. I'm taking baby steps….and I'm sure you'll find a balance with it all eventually!

    1. ha!! a good flop on the bed is necessary sometimes! i like the bought of just taking baby steps. i have to admit that i get pretty intimidated when i get on twitter and see that some people have some insane amount of tweets! 32,000 tweets??? really? have they been tweeting since birth? gheez. i can't say that i will ever be THAT involved with social media, but I'm going to try a little harder.

  9. took me forever to join facebook too.. but happy you are putting yourself out there now.