Sep 12, 2012

early autumn colors

i love autumn. it is my favorite season.
(shocker, right?)
i love the crisp air, wearing sweaters and the smell of cinnamon and campfires. but most of all, i love the colorful leaves.  the leaves are especially great in the early fall...when there are still plenty of bright green leaves to contrast with the newly emerging oranges and yellows.


one of the things that i love about living in a place with mountains, is that the trees at higher elevations start to change 3-4 weeks earlier than the leaves in the valley. it is so amazing to watch the color slowly move down the side of the, it means that i get to enjoy the color a few weeks longer!


  1. Autumn is my favorite season, too. no surprise there, right? in fact, i really wanted to name our daughter "autumn", but it sounds terrible with our last name. i love your roundup! especially that green ombre rug! xo


  2. Loving those nubby double gourd vases - color is so good! M.