Sep 16, 2012

affordable finds: target accent tables

i was browsing over at copy cat chic, and spotted this great table, available at

wire accent table

 i clicked over to target to see what other great stuff they have.
 take a look!

hexagonal accent table

metal and wood accent table

metal and round table

 a few more--not all of these are available online, but you might be licks enough to
spot them at your local target. (sorry for the miniature pictures!)

x-accent table

casual accent table

gray accent table

all items are on my affordable finds board already, so you can find them and re-pin them from there.
happy shopping!


  1. Oh my many great finds, Autumn! And I love the prices! Here's one of my faves I found the other day:
    I love the fact that it works double duty!

  2. I haven't bought furniture from Target...great style. I'll have to try out the quality.

  3. I found one of these tables in the perfect green for my living room. Looks way more expensive in person than Target.

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  5. So many awesome tables!All chic!Love the metal and round table!Gorgeous!

  6. Great tables! I love it, your tables are gorgeous. I hope that i missing a lot..........Thank you for your kind of giving me a great weekened