Sep 9, 2012

alice lane sale + other sponsor love

my newest sponsor, alice lane is having a sale on all mitchell gold + bob williams
special upholstery now thru october 8th! 
MGBW has a gorgeous collection, and everything is high quality. definitely worth investing in...
and even better if you can get their pieces on sale!

here are a few of my favorite pieces that alice lane has in stock:
 the odette sofette

 vandyke stone side table

london chaise
(photography my meikel reece)

and, a little bit of happiness from a few of my other sponsors:
i spotted the work of village workroom, at emily a clark a few days ago:
christy + amy of swoon interiors designed this beautiful room using these amazing striped silk panels.
if you are looking for an affordable, well made custom silk drapery, you NEED to check out village workroom! i have been using them for over 6 years now, and i am always impressed with the quality and ease of ordering their drapery panels.

a few of my favorite picks from my other sponsors:

just when i thought i had seen every pretty ikat out there, i spotted these pillows at spark modern:

from apothica,  i just stocked up on my most favorite bronzer ever, nars "laguna" and also grabbed some of this at their store while i was at the gateway in downtown salt lake.
(you can order online from them here if you don't live in utah)
hope you are all  enjoying your weekends!
thanks for all the well-wishes on my last post.
i can't wait to talk...i mean WRITE your ears off about my new house!!

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