Sep 6, 2012

house candy

i am ALL about saving money when it comes to decorating your house. i truly believe that the most beautiful interiors are a mix of high and low, old and new, and budget and splurge items.
there is NOTHING wrong with splurging every now and then! 
it is amazing what some well made, designer fabric pillows can do for a room. 
or a great lamp. 
or a stunning piece of art.

whenever i come across a deal that fits my budget criteria---(looks great, priced great)--i pin it to my affordable finds board. but i also have another board for beautiful items that solidly fall into the "splurge"category. the board is called "house candy".

here is a sampling of some of the things that you will see on my house candy board.

even if you know that you would never/could never afford to splurge on a luxury item--especially a big-ticket item like a sofa, it is great to expose yourself to beautiful, and yes--very often expensive things. you never know--one day you might be at a consignment shop or a theft store, or even shopping online and spot an item that resembles your DREAM item for a fraction of the cost! (even if the item requires a little overhauling--you will still come out ahead.)

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