Sep 21, 2012

house exterior: thinking about shed dormers

when we sent the preliminary floor plan layout to the architect at frank betz, the only direction
we gave him on the exterior was this image:

we really like the look of this house. it feels very classic and simple, and because of the shed dormer, you get that 2 story look, but save money because you don't have to buy siding/brick/stone for the facade of the house. we like the classic, new england vibe that shed dormers give a house. although i like and appreciate all GOOD forms of architecture, i am definitely drawn to classic exteriors. give me columns, painted brick and shakes over timber beams and turrets any day!

here are a few other beauties that feature shed dormers:


 pinterst-sorry, couldn't find original source.

land of cottage

 (taken by me in bend, oregon)

 (taken by me in bend, oregon)

do you have a favorite house here? i genuinely like them all, but i think my favorites were the one by tooth construction and the one from postcards from paris! of course, the ones in bend are pretty great too...


  1. I love the Bend, Postcard and Lda! Wish we had that kind of architecture here!

  2. I love the postcard from Paris. So homey!!

  3. I like the one from Toth Construction too. With the slight curve of the roof, the house was given a more elegant and classic look that makes one think of the English countryside. I hope that you get the ideal shed dormer for your home. =)

    Leif Clancy