Oct 1, 2014

playing around with pillows

last week, i had a consultation with a repeat client who was working on a guest bedroom in her home. she already had most of the basic pieces for the room, but needed help puling together some finishing touches....accent pillows. art. accent furniture.

for the bed, she had purchased a pair of navy shams with the ivory ribbon trim, as well as a gorgeous block printed duvet. she originally thought she wanted to bring some orange into the room, and so i pulled together a few combinations to show her how things might look on her bed:

after seeing the first round of suggested combinations, she realized that she wanted  to see less orange than she originally thought....

i pulled together another set of ideas, using more neutrals and blues:
 she ultimately decided that she preferred the look of the pillows with less color.
this was the final round of ideas that i presented:

when working on a room, it can be so helpful to have some visual guidance! being able to "SEE" how patterns and colors work together before spending money buying something that doesn't work is worth every minute your spend creating a design board!

you don't need any fancy  or expensive computer program to create your own design board. you can use Word, or any other word processing program... just import your images, and crop and layer your images on top of each other. i actually use a program called Pages, which allows me to edit out the background of my pictures, making layering look more "real".

i offer the addition of a design board with my pinterest board + phone call consultation, which i think is money VERY WELL spent!
you can see more design boards that i have pulled together for clients here:
autumn clemons interior design on pinterest


  1. Oh I have been doing the same thing with quite a few different fabrics. Some things work and some don't.

  2. It's amazing a few adjustments can make to a grouping! Great feature!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. so true! and it is SUCH a visual thing! you really can't tell until you SEE it!