Oct 14, 2010

chic cheap bath stuff

i was walking through walmart a few weeks ago, and
spotted these totally chic 
bath mats.
i was really surprised at the sophisticated 
color scheme on this one.
and yay for orange and grey!
and loved this one as well....
it has a graphic element to it, but is also
very organic looking.
 sorta like zebra + chevron.
they even had matching shower curtains...

 isn't this one cute?
totally chic and totally affordable.
go walmart.
(ps...took these with the OLD iphone,
not the NEW one. i don't want anyone
doubting the awesomeness of the iphone 4.)
i am over and out for the weekend, y'all.
we are going to drop the kids off at my brother and
sister in laws house in boise and then head to
mccall to celebrate our 14 year anniversary!


  1. Great finds!

    Happy anniversary Autumn.

  2. Gotta give WalMart props for those. Too bad I hadn't read your blog before I left to go there this morning.

  3. Those are amazing!

    Check out my cool new blog

  4. Who knew? I will have to stroll thru the isles of Wally world!

  5. Man...I see a trip to Walmart in the near future!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! And Walmart?! Great...Janell

  7. Walmart...really? They look wonderful!

  8. I just found your blog and I like it a lot...I also caught that you mentioned McCall, my parents have a house there and it's wonderful! Hope you enjoyed your anniversary there - it looks like Shore Lodge has done some great decor for Halloween. :)