Oct 9, 2010

las vegas details

a few pictures from the trump lobby:
it was really elegant,
and yet restrained.
not at all like i had expected it might be.

blurry picture, but you get the feel of the space.
i loved this rust color mixed
 with the cream and brown.
and orchids are always a classy choice.
lovely pattern on floors.
interesting decorative panels.
this is the entry into the bathrooms.
isn't the combination of the two wallpapers gorgeous?
loved this wallpaper!
and this wallpaper was beautiful as well.
it was flocked, so it had a great feel to it...
i love the soft blue of the art against the 
warm tones of the wallpaper.
this was the carpet in the elevator.
i swear i commented about how much i loved it
every time we got in the elevator. 
i liked to pretend this was the "real" deal....
and venice!
what's that you say?
this is the inside of a casino, meant to trick patrons into
believing that they are in st. marks square in venice?
so what. 
beats the heck out of bad flourescent lighting
and boldly patterned carpet.
i liked this sign.
simple and graphic.
great looking tile!
love this display. 
and the lighting is prefect!
this was in the dressing room at nordstroms.
hmm...can't seem to remember why i took 
this picture of this chair....(ha! ha!)
gorgeous mosaic at caesars palace.
i loved this tile, wrapped around the columns 
in the entrance of the wynn.
yummy grey bead board with black floors 
and ceiling in abercrombie.
the collection of pictures is really nice as well
this really caught my eye...
 brown and yellow with white and pops of red.
and check out these sconces!
and, i couldn't wrap up my post of vegas without a 
few pictures of me and my bff.
aren't friends great?


  1. a trip to vegas with you bff? sounds like a blast and makes me wish i could go with mine!
    and i agree with you about the trump--i expected it to be much bolder in terms of decor--especially for vegas.

  2. How fun!!! So glad you got to get away and enjoy some BFF time! I have never been to Vegas, but I would love to go!

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Never been to Vegas, seems like an interesting place.

    That spotted floral wallpaper you like, is just that. It's a Florence Broadhurst design by Signature Prints called Spotted Floral.


    Sandy K

  4. I'm so glad you had a great time with your BF. Loving your blog!