Oct 29, 2010

in my shoes.

wanna see how i spent my crazy yesterday?
camila invited me to be part of her 
"in her shoes" feature.
thank goodness i wasn't home all day sorting 
socks in my pajamas and reading blogs!
that would have made a very boring post...
check it out here!
oh, and by the way, i DID sleep in today.
until 9:20.
don't you think i deserved it?


  1. I just read your post over at camilla's. Loved it. It brought back memories of my days with my three sons. Crazy always seemed to ensue. Love the way you handled it all. Great guest post,Kathysue

  2. thanks kathysue! i know one day i'll miss all the craziness too!

  3. I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog! I found you on rate my space a while back, when I was searching for black kitchen cabinets. I love all of your spaces! And...I loved reading your "in her shoes" feature! I have 3 kids as well. I'm not a professional decorator, but I wanna be. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. wow you may have just cured me for kids for another little bit ;) you look great in that top picture, and your hair looks very snazzy! hope all is well with you and your family!

  5. Ha, funny previous comment! I had a friend tell me recently that I made having kids look easy and then she had hers...why didn't I tell her the truth?! :)

    Wow, I've missed some posts...catching up! Janell