Oct 19, 2010

halloween inspiration 2

isn't this darling?
i don't really use that word very often,
but this image fits it perfectly.
another shot of the same entry...
a fun and easy transformation 
for any chandelier.
i really want to come to this party.
don't you?
i wouldn't have to worry about my kiddos spilling
anything on the floor!
i really liked this tattered tablecloth.
love this room!
some cheesecloth, an orange pillow, and some strategically placed
cut-outs transform this room beautifully.
creepy + classy.
loving this orange tub!

i have been wanting to make these little lumiere's
maybe next year? 
how long does it take to get a nice coat of rust on some cans?
lovely and simple.
paper cups covered in paper and 
put around a string of lights...LOVE this.

this was done with a potato stamp.
i have also seen it with a skull,
and it looked fabulous.
i think my "magazine ripping" skills could
use some polishing...and my cropping skills.
i'll try harder with the next batch.

tomorrow i have a collection
of vintage inspired halloween
clipping that i will be *dumping.


  1. Note to self: Buy cheesecloth when throwing a Halloween party.

  2. Using muriatic acid (found at most hardware stores) on metal can bring about rust in a matter of hours. Simply paint it on.