Oct 27, 2010

trick or treat

i'm still trying to figure out what to hand out for trick or treaters on saturday.
last year i made 60 of these:
what was i thinking?!
 i was completely insane.
but not as insane as i was when i sewed over 75 fabric bags for
my kids to give out on valentines day!
(you can see them here.)
anyway, i am still thinking that i might have enough time 
to pull off something cute.
 i was thinking of making a sleeve that wraps around a
candy bar...like a flat hershey's bar. 
i don't know. 
i messed around on the laptop last night while 
i was laying in bed.
here's a preliminary draft of what i am thinking of:

(i got the image from the graphics fairy)
i would love to do a reverse print...
where the skull and the
text are white and the background is black.
of course, that would drain my printer of ink 
faster than bunnicula would drain a rutabaga.
not sure if i can pull it off.
i'll keep you posted.
i'll probably wimp out and just hand out something lame.


  1. Print one sheet that way and then run to Kinko's and have them printed in color for 53 cents a sheet!! Saves your ink! Very cute idea!

  2. wow you are ambitious, but churning out such cute and fun festive ideas!

  3. Those bags are almost too cute to open, kind of like cutting into a pretty birthday cake. Love your idea to do the candy bar wrap. I think the kids would like that. When my son would run for student government in high school we made thousands of those over the years-he won 3 out of 4 years too!

  4. These are soo cute! But, I'm in the same boat. Just not enough time to do EVERYTHING you want!