Oct 28, 2010

today i'm at...

finding fabulous is all about getting fabulous 
design and products for less. 
ahhh...right up my alley!
i have a post on using felt to make chic, anthro-insprired 
gift adornments.
thanks for having me jane!
check it out here.


  1. Sounds like my kind of blog. Heading over now.

  2. Last year I bought the Anthropologie version and everybody was raving about it. I really like your version, the black and white ribbon is awesome! Where did you find it?


  3. living foxy,
    i bought the ribbon at michaels...usually not something i would see there so i snatched it up. i also used the same ribbon for my son's lego party.

  4. Autumn..Have I told you lately how awesome I think you are? Just finished reading a day in the shoes of Autumn over @ HHFITD. I loved that you outsourced 2 of your meals. Wow and snow this early? Anyway pretty lady have a great day!

  5. christina,
    ha! ha! i was actually laughing out loud at your "outsourcing" two meals comment!
    yes, some days we moms have gotta call for back up. and this case, call for chinese!

    oh, and the snow, the SNOW! thank goodness as of yesterday afternoon it was all gone, and we should have decent weather for trick-or-treating.