Oct 18, 2010

halloween inspiration part 1

when you are a mom, 
the second biggest holiday of the year is halloween.
so, this week i will be posting some of my 
scanned and collected halloween inspiration. 
and, at the end of the week,
i'll share pictures and a project or two from
my halloween decor. (which is currently in a tub in the
basement. i was seriously considering NOT decorating at all
this year. this rental house thing really gets to
me around holidays. however, i know the kids will love it,
and secretly i think i love it more than they do.)
so stay tuned.
isn't this image great?
i love the deep orange throw on the bed...
and love those lamps. emily did something really similar 
in the bedroom of her friend ian;s house.
simple and graphic.
i love pumpkins like this.
cheap dollar store ivy could be transformed into 
this spooky garland with some black spray paint.
and that framed photo is perfect for this time of year!
i love this image.
it's fun and colorful and has just the right amount of 
eek factor.
this would be such a fun and cheap project to
do as a treat for a halloween party.
as long as you don't have *like 40 people coming...
i thought this was really sweet.
i'm pretty sure i would get carpal tunnel syndrome trying 
to carve those tiny pumpkins, but it sure is cute.
i love that grey door!
another fun idea---using a pumpkin  as a cooler for drinks.

see you tomorrow for some more inspiration!


  1. awesome ideas- halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! my husband hates it, he's more of a christmas man. haha! :)

  2. This is my favorite time of year. My little guy was born on Nov. 3. He's almost four and when he's older I plan to have Halloween-themed costume parties so I'm trying to build a file with creative party ideas. This post was the perfect start! Such great photos. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love it.. I was going to do a bat-hanging-in-branches piece, I even collected the branches.. I have yet to put it together though.. I think I still have time.

  4. Such fun, great pictures! I love the first photo, with all the spider-webs, spooky!

  5. I love that bat tree...hmmm..I think I see Nicole cutting some bats out for me in the future!