Oct 8, 2010

vegas: the room

ahh..it's good to be back!
thanks for your patience!
so, first off, i have to say that my first ever 
official girls weekend was a blast.
we shopped, we ate, we shopped some more, 
we went to see two shows, and
we ate and shopped some more. 
it was great to hang out and chat and laugh and
have no agenda. it was perfectly heavenly.
we had originally boooked a room at the bellagio, 
but a few weeks ago, my
friend called me and told me she was considering 
moving our reservation to the trump.
 i know what you are thinking,
because i was thinking the same thing...
that it was going to look a lot like this:

and be really tacky inside. 
but, when i got online and looked at the rooms and the lobby,
 and read a few of the reviews, 
i was convinced, and we switched our reservation.
here are the items that won me over:
late (4pm) checkout.
 since we both had evening departure flights,
 this was ideal for us.
a kitchenette in every room.
this saved us a lot of $$, 
as we ate breakfast in our room everyday.
no casino=
no smoke=
no labyrinth to cross to get to our room.
right next to the largest mall in nevada.
nordstroms was literally steps outside the front door.
the decor was really nice.
(way nicer than the bellagio, in my opinion.)
plus, the bed was dreamy.
here's a few pictures...
check it out for yourself:
obviously, this is from the hotels website, but in person,
the rooms are nearly identical.
 nice lighting.
 a kitchenette,
 tons of storage!
we actually really liked having the
television behind the mirror
we didn't have to miss a single second of
access hollywood while we were getting ready to go out.
i really liked the mix in the bathroom:
great textural wallpaper
ornate mirror frame
classic modern sconces 
 the toilet and shower were encased in glass doors.
a really elegant solution, i thought.
i've never seen anything like this in a hotel before.
 the shower was really big and very nice as well.
the finishes were all very luxe.
 a framed photo above the toilet.
 another mirror above the bathtub.
 a framed photo in the entry of the room.
 my phone didn't take the best picture, but this upholstery
was a really beautiful greenish grey mohair.
the yellow/gold pillows looked fabulous against it.
 loved the cut velvet fabric on the chairs!
and isn't that lamp interesting?
cool texture.
i thought the mix of fabrics and colors was really well thought out, and
very sophisticated and soothing.
the lighting was really great also, and i thought it was interesting that
all of the lamps were different.  i loved all the storage...
i think these rooms were originally intended to be used as condos.
overall, i am really glad we stayed here. 
maybe we'll stay here next year, on our
second annual official girls weekend!
it's ok to start planning for it a little ahead of time, right?


  1. Wow I can just imagine how much fun you had. I would be sold just on the fact that there was a 4pm checkout. How was Moab? Well you have been busy with a load of fun stuff..now what Momma?

  2. You are too funny with that first picture! This makes me even more excited for my Chicago girls weekend coming up. Maybe next year we'll do it up Trump style! Thanks for sharing. abby