Feb 28, 2011

5 things i've learned the hard way: #3

get down.
or, feathers + down.
ok, let's talk pillows.
pillows can really bring a room to life.
the right pillow can tie an entire room together,
or add the perfect punch of color. 

however, i firmly believe that if you are over
the age of...12, that the inserts in all of your
pillows should be feathers + down.
(unless you are allergic)
those polyfil inserts just make your
pillows sad. 
i promise you, that if your pillows could
talk, they would beg you for feather/down inserts.
not only do pillows with feather/down inserts LOOK
better, but they FEEL better. 

if you have some pillows in your home with
inexpensive polyfil inserts that you love, 
just swap out the cheap inserts for some feather + down ones.
i promise you, your pillows will thank you.


  1. * Couldn't agree with you more~~~ they LOOK so much nicer, and feel so "RICH"!

    Linda in AZ *

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  3. Thanks for the reminder! I do have a polyfil pillow or two around the house that needs to be done away with. Even my 16-month-old baby girl could tell the difference -- http://yankeeandpeach.blogspot.com/2010/08/discerning-tastes-pearls-pillows-and.html

    Looking forward to your #4 and #5! =o)

  4. This totally caught me off guard in google reader, because that's my bedroom (pic from Kirsten's blog)! And you are SO right, feather/down inserts are so much better...I'm still changing out all of our pillows around the house.

  5. I agree! I love the feather/down pillows...they feel so luxurious, they are just so-darn-expensive!

  6. Autumn, do you know of a good online resource to buy them that is not dreadfully expensive? :D

  7. I'm allergic to down. It gives me a terrible sore throat that lasts until I'm away from the offending pillow (or comforter) for a several hours. I have to live with Polyfil unless anyone has a good solution. :(

  8. Love down, but HATE the "karate chopped" pillows! This look has been around for more than 10 years...can we let it go? I love your blog though and thank you soooo much for it!

  9. I love the feather pillows from IKEA....and they are reasonably priced! Karen

  10. here are a few places to look:

    crate and barrel
    wholesale pillow inserts