Feb 3, 2011

art in bedrooms

as i was sifting through some of my scanned images,
i came across these lovelies.
i really loved how art 
plays a significant role in each bedroom...
and how different each display is.
same frames. 
same mats. 
different sizes.
different colored images.
notice how the pieces are hung so that
a consistent perimeter is maintained?
identical frames, mats and sizes.
different images.
so lovely.
one large piece really unifies the color scheme
in this bedroom.
and that frame is pretty incredible, don't you think?
 small piece.
 big impact.
a large grouping of identical pieces
results in a very graphic look.
i totally adore this bedroom...
the grasscloth wallpaper, the daybed,
the little lucite tables, the bolster pillows,
the drum chandelier...yum.
a random collection of paintings add
color and quirkiness to this pretty bedroom.
ahh. so many options.
which one is your favorite?

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