Feb 4, 2011

the den: fabrics

i am slowly making progress on the den fabrics.
so far i have:
a yummy ralph lauren herringbone fabric 
(that i have had in storage for over 6 years.)
thom filicia's lawrence fabric in taupe
(purchased here)
a blue and yellow stripe 
(that i got for $3 a yard at fabric.com)
some amazing greek key trim in a denim blue (from here)
the octopus napkin that i blogged about here.
as sad as it is, we 
have to use our futon  in the room
(not exactly high-style, i know)
sometimes our two girls, whose bedrooms are in the basement,
get scared and come upstairs to sleep, so this room also 
needs to function as a makeshift bedroom. 
plus, i don't want to spend any $$
on a piece of furniture for that i 
don't KNOW i will be able to use in our next house.
i bought the futon cover from west elm about
three years ago, it was supposed to go in the 
bonus room/playroom of house #5.
(which, by the way, you have never seen before, so here goes:)
 i never got the chance to decorate this room.
(can you tell?! ha. ha.)
it was the place where all the furniture we didn't
know what to do with ended up.
but hey, you got to get a peek at
the incredibly awesome futon that will be going in the den! 
i am still deciding where i want each fabric to go...
i don't want to waste too much fabric on the window treatment,
since it will be staying with the house.
i also have a tiny bench and a little side chair that i plan on
fitting in the room.
i'll keep you updated as i make progress.


  1. I'm loving the fabrics you have chosen and especially like the greek key trim. Your paint color in the old bonus room looks like what I have in my family room.

  2. You're so talented at combining pattern. It looks like a good sized room, I'm really looking forward to seeing where you use each fabric.

  3. I like that blue and yellow fabric! All of it is gorgeous. Thanks for a peek at the room and the futon. Love the room, too!

  4. I am always a fan of herringbone in any room.

  5. What a very good looking fabrics! Love the designs!

  6. Loving the fabric choices, and especially the greek key trim. Also I really enjoyed your post at Or So She Says!