Feb 1, 2011

a taste of salt lake

one of my family's traditions is 
saturday lunch out.
(yay for no cooking and no dishes, right ladies?)
we always enjoy lunch out together on saturdays.
sometimes we find new places to eat,
and other times we go back to an old favorite.
my husband is the one who hunts down these fun new
places, and he found a winner this past saturday:
 i liked it before we even tasted the food...
isn't the sign great?
oh, and i loved these light fixtures outside!
the interiors have a really sleek yet warm modern look.
the light marble and metal stools blend nicely with the
wood tones and warm paint colors.

what a light fixture!
me likey.
 this is where we ate.
hello stripes!
i was giddy as we sat down to look at the menu.
i kept wanting to lick the walls cuz they were so amazing.
but don't worry. i didn't.
the bold black and white stripes were so crisp...
and i love the little wood trimmed "window".
what was so amazing about this banquette was the fact that the
bottom stripe....
was the upholstered bench!
so genius!
love it.
even the area for wood for the wood burning pizza oven was stylish.
even if the food was bad (which it WASN'T),
i would still come back to this place 
just to bask in it's loveliness.
the next stop?
sinful, yummy paradise awaits.
 the inside has a great coffered ceiling,
black and white checkerboard floors, and
nice lighting. 
bad lighting can literally RUIN a meal for me.
yeah, that's right.
i'm a lighting snob.
it's one of my many faults....
(my friends and husband like to tease me about the times we have
eaten out and i have asked to be moved because i had
a light shining in my eye, or had a terrible view of the
fluorescent lights in the kitchen.)
they also have a rotating display of local art.
and just take a peek at the goodies...
um, hello yumminess.
we ordered.
and then we ordered some more.
and then, just to cover our bases,
we ordered two more things.
and ended up with this cute box full of yummies to go.
guess what i had for breakfast sunday morning?


  1. Ha! I would say your hubby knows you well, stripes and all. :) So beautiful. I also LOVE the cool art against the yellow-gold walls at the amazing pastry spot! Wish we could meet for coffee there!

  2. These are in Salt Lake? Next time I'm up there I'll have to try them out! I agree that the atmosphere definitely adds to the experience, especially if the food is as good as the look.

  3. I love Vinto, Autumn! Soooo good! I work right around the corner from Vinto...and right next door to....wait for it....Gourmandise! Can you imagine working RIGHT NEXT DOOR to such a place! The temptation is crazy sometimes!

  4. Good design is always a bonus with good food.
    Mary Ann

  5. alimoll,
    how do you stand the temptation? i would be wearing 4X sweatpant if i worked everyday next to gourmandise!

    yeah, my huby does know me well...he even deal with my lighting snobbery.