Feb 2, 2011

iron mountain

in the last week, i have had several inquiries about the
paint color that i used for the 
front door and surround of house #5.
i finally located my notes, and the color is...
 benjamin moore's
iron mountain
it is a really pretty dark grey
with brown undertones.
it always looked pretty....no matter what time 
of day of how the light was shining.
it was a great color for this project.
oh, and here's a before picture,
just on case you wanted to see.
you can read my original post on this entry here.


  1. Yes! Love that Iron Mountain...here's a post showing it on my new fireplace, and my bannister: http://bit.ly/i9Xf0Z
    We are just crazy about it!!! Great choice...

  2. wow what a great transformation! I love the surround in the same colour as the door :)