Feb 14, 2011

kisses of pink + red

did everyone have a good weekend?
ours was very...ecelctic.
we spent some time battling coughs and
sneezes, looking at houses (still no luck),
lazing around, and eating out too much.
and, today i will be running around
like a crazy lady, trying to fulfill
all of the obligations that i signed myself up for 
at the beginning of the school year.
i think "february autumn" needs to go back
in time and remind "august autumn" not to
sign up to bring treats AND help out
at ALL three kids valentines day parties....
in honor of valentines day,
here are some gorgeous rooms
with kisses of pink + red.

happy valentines day!
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  1. hi, love pink and red together! Great finds!


  2. I too love this color combo...and it is very hard not to say yes when the commitment is far in the future, I always think at that future time I'll be all caught up. Ha...that never seems to be the case. Janell

  3. It is hard to be in 3 places at one time...good luck this afternoon!
    Love the Sarah Richardson photos...she's a favorite!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day. I just wanted to let you know that the carpenter is finally starting on Wednesday to do the iron railings for our entry way. I had contacted you in the fall about your design for House #5's foyer. I can't wait. I'll let you know how it looks when it is all done.

  5. I'll bet your treats look much fancier than any of the other moms make though! Happy Valentine's Day Autumn. (P.S. Your kids will remember all the times you helped at school when they're older and love you for it.)

  6. oh my goodness, is that the most gorgeous lamp in the world? (top photo). Um, yes, I think it might be.

  7. Hope you will feel better soon.
    Good luck with house hunting .