Feb 15, 2011

striped curtains

stripes make me happy.
on the walls, on rugs...
on shirts and scarves...
and especially on curtains.
(via apartment therapy)
i LOVE the double set of stripes in these curtains,
and i am also dying over those mustard yellow pillows.
this whole room has this masculine 
sophisticated vibe that i just adore.
(via atlanta homes)
how can you not be happy looking at 
these boldly striped curtains?
they are so cheery, i just want to HUG them.
(via decorpad)
i loved these as well...
the stripes appear to be rather random, don't they?
and check out the tiny green stripe under 
the blue stripe...
i love little details like this.
they make my heart flutter.
(and WHAT a fun and classy kids room!)
(via decorpad)
this room is all kinds of yum.
but those curtains remind me of a 
classic mens shirt.
notice how the stripes don't go all the way to the floor?
an interesting choice...
(via amy howard)
the bold pattern on these panels adds 
a fabulous graphic element in 
this otherwise very traditional and serene room.
i am already dreaming of how i can
work another set of striped curtain panels 
into house #6...is it too much to have them in
every room?


  1. seeing these makes me want some stripes in my house!

  2. I've never liked horizontally striped curtains...but, you have changed my mind!

  3. Have never used them with a client, but simply love the look. May have to put it on the list! M.

  4. I adore stripes as well! Gorgeous images, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. love stripes...red & white curtains... :))))))))

  6. Stripes are fabulous! I don't think you can have enough of them! :)

  7. The striped panels really make a huge impact. When I imagine the last room without them it doesn't seem nearly as impressive. My eye went straight to them, something to keep in mind.

  8. I adore the striped curtains! I'm a huge fan of stripes.

    Angelo H

  9. My goodness! What a great collection of GORGEOUS rooms with striped panels. Saint, people always do seem to be weary of horizontal stripes but let's face it, they don't do much for the body! ;) But they do WONDERS for a space. It makes the room "level" out and please the the eye oh so much.

    I actually love them so much I make and sell them in my online shop :) If anyone is in the market, visit me at marthaandash.com or marthaandash.etsy.com.