Feb 16, 2011

affordable find: barrel accent table

i just spotted this $79
spiral barrel table from kirklands...
...which bears a striking resemblance to the very gorgeous
cabris accent table by lexington,
which retails for around $600.

 it also reminds me a little of these two beauties:

and yes, i bought one.
i have absolutely NO idea where i will put it,
but i just couldn't pass it up...
happy shopping!


  1. Seriously kirklands? I need to take a visit because I haven't been there is 6 or 7 years but clearly am missing out on some shopping opportunities.

  2. it is a great find! I do like those tiny little feet on the bottom of the lexington table though. Or are they casters? Either way, my eye is drawn to them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I'm so glad I just stumbled upon your blog! What a great find that table is, I've been seeing all sorts of amazing furniture pieces springing up at kirklands!

  4. I love the planter tables! You find looks great too, do you already have it? Are you happy with the quality?

  5. Omgosh that is gorgeous, I can not believe the price!! It looks very much like a high-end designer table. It is small enough I am sure you will find multiple places for it to go. What a good purchase, Kudos to you, KS

  6. Great find from Kirklands. I have to admit that I rarely go to Kirklands because in the past when I visited the selection wasn't very unique.

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