Jul 6, 2011

design plan: "growing up" boys room

no matter how hard we mommy's want to put it off....it's inevitable.
our little baby boys grow into toddlers, and our toddlers turn into full blown little boys.
(ack---it happens so fast. i swear my little man was JUST screaming "fa--FO!" ("backhoe")
at every yellow construction vehicle that drove by. now he is playing lego games on the wii
and reading chapter books! *sigh)
my client is a mom was looking to update her little boys room into something more fitting
for his age. he currently has a light green, light blue blue and red theme in his room, with some
red bedding with white stars that needed to stay. i added doses of grey, black
tan, wood, and metal to give the red a more grown-up, transitional feel.
here is the plan for the room transformation:

here is how the room currently looks:
as a courtesy to my clients, i do not list sources for my design plans online...however, 
if you are interested in a particular item please feel free to email me.

interested in working together to make your space more beautiful
and functional? email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com for rates 
and more information. i can take phone consultations anytime, but
my schedule for full room plans and mini room plans is limited for the next 
two months so i can spend maximum time with MY little growing kids!


  1. Autumn! I love this design plan - perfect for a growing boy. Well done!

  2. Love this!! My oldest is leaving for college next week and I would love to "grow up" his room while he's gone. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the gray striped rug???? I'm currently in love with the gray/red combo and this would be perfect.

  3. hi bren!
    the rug is from west elm.
    wishing you and your son all the best during this fun stage of life!

  4. Hi Autumn,

    I love that red rocker. Do you mind telling me where that's from?


  5. melissa, the rocker is from urban outfitters. i am not sure if they have it any more, but you can check!