Jul 28, 2011

golden gate dining room: e-design update

ahhh...the magic of e-design! 
remember this room?

well....here it is now:

my client has been VERY busy the last few months, working on the design of this room with me,
ordering all of the elements, overseeing the installation of the wallpaper and wainscoting (and everything else), getting the rug made, taking some amazing photographs for our collage wall, and
....oh, yeah...giving birth to her first baby!  
a few weeks ago, i had the immense pleasure of getting to meet not only
my amazing client, but her sweet husband, her parents, and her d-a-r-l-i-n-g baby boy when they
were in salt lake city. it was the highlight of my july! (well, that AND getting these 
pictures in my inbox!)

what we did:
*new wainscoting was installed on the lower portion of the wall.
*grasscloth wallpaper was added to the upper part of the walls.
*the ceiling was painted a soft mocha color, and a subtle metallic wallpaper was installed in the inner-most tray of the ceiling.
*4 new chairs were added to the existing 6 leather dining chairs.
*new chandelier
*new curtain rods and custom silk drapes
*mirrored buffet added
*new, custom rug was made to fit the long room.

 the items in this room are from a large variety of sources, including ikea, pier 1, west elm, wisteria,
restoration hardware,  and other online retailers. the additions of a few "splurge" items, like the black and cream upholstered chairs,  wallpaper, and great chandelier really elevate this room and give 
it a very high-end look.

this dining room needed to seat a lot of people. my client has large family get togethers several times a
year, and wanted to maximize seating.
she already had the extendable dining table and 6 cream leather chairs. we brought in two larger upholstered chairs for the heads of the table and had them custom upholstered in a graphic cream and black cut velvet. two additional chairs flank the mirrored buffet, and a new grey velvet loveseat (on backorder, but should arrive in the next few weeks) will anchor the wall near the fireplace, and provide even more seating.

the curtains were custom made for us at village workroom, one of my sponsors. as always, i am thrilled with the results!
the curtains are a bronze dupioni silk with a small band of black silk at the top, and a larger band at the bottom. they are SO yummy!
the new rug is a very unique size---approximately 7 feet by 15 feet. we had it cut from a neutral colored,
textured wall to wall carpet and had it bound...this was a fraction of the cost that a truly custom rug would have been!

chairs upholstered in a black wool with a subtle stripe flank the mirrored buffet. eventually, new lamps and a great piece of art will eventually round out this vignette. the larger pillows will go on the new love seat, but the smaller lumbar pillows with the peacock dotted velvet will stay on the striped chairs.

my client and i both agree that one of our favorite elements of the room is the sublte metallic wallpaper we installed in the innermost trey of the ceiling. the soft mocha background and bronze and gold strings of "pearls" really tie the room together and add just the right  hint of sparkle. the pictures really do NOT do this wallpaper justice...it really is GORGEOUS in person.
as i stated in my post yesterday, there are several elements that are yet to be added to the room...but that is the beauty of e-design...you get to pace the design and installation of the room according to your own budget, needs, and timeline. 


  1. Your work is amazing...I love everything you do!

  2. thanks ladies!! i feel like an imposter...all i did was pull the plan together, and my client has been running all over doing all the "hard" stuff...i guess that really IS the magic of e-design, right??

  3. OMG - I've been looking wallpaper just like that on the ceiling - could you share the source? Pretty please?

  4. hi michelle,
    the wallpaper is by threads.
    it is called "raindrops" and the color is "mocha"


  5. That is a beautiful room and transformation. I especially love the rustic table and the glam chandelier. Love your work. =)

  6. shut the front door! Amazing!

  7. The mix of wallpapers is unexpected and adds so much to the space. A simply fantastic transformation, here's to the power of a great e-design job! Janell

  8. Autumn, I love the fabric on the upholstered chairs at each end of the table. Would you mind sharing the name?

  9. Absolutely beautiful!! I have so many favorites: the mirrored buffet, the fabric on the chairs, beautiful black accents. Fabulous job!! My dining table looks so similar, and I've been going back and forth on what to do with it. I'll have to keep this room in mind...what great inspiration!! :)


  10. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this room! Yay! I am so glad I get to walk by it every morning to the kitchen!!! Thank you, Autumn, it is a truly beautiful room, and every time we use it we feel like we are in a fancy hotel. Even with the fancy feel, the room is totally approachable and inviting at the same time. Hopefully we can have you see it in person someday because it is really so much more beautiful in person than the pictures can capture. You are AMAZING. Thank you again!

  11. it wouldn't have turned out so beautifully without YOUR input! it was a pleasure to work with you!!

  12. I absolutely LOVE what you did with the room. I love the black and white accents you added, my favorites are the chairs and the curtains! Good job!! This gives me wonderful ideas for my dining room because my husband LOVES black and white decor! It would also look really nice maybe with a darker floor like a black carpet or a deep rich chocolate hardwood floor installation ...what do you think? It really looks beautiful, thanks again!! :)

  13. What is the name of the grasscloth wallpaper you use?. I love it!