Jul 5, 2011

pizitz home + cottage: seaside

i am finally back from vacation! we were supposed to get in late last night, but
a "malfunction" on a flight departing birmingham before us pushed our flight back nearly 90 minutes,
and we missed our connection in houston, and ended up spending the night in a houston
airport hotel. (ewww...we saw a cockroach in the room!!) the earliest flight we could get
had us back in salt lake at 3pm today. soooo...here i am! but, enough about missed flights and cockroaches.
....where were we last?
ah...that right...seaside. 
so this is the amazing store in seaside that i was telling you about. sorry for the delay in posting these pictures...i have not had access to wifi, and even if i did, every second of the last 10 days has been jam-packed with activities and fun and family. anyway....this particular store really caught my eye and i just HAD to go in!
the entire store has a very simple, elegant vibe which is my personal favorite way to "do" a beachy interior...

all the upholstered items can be slip covered in a variety of fabrics, including cotton twill and belgian linen.
isn't this table a-w-e-s-o-m-e? the bottom is made from rebar! i love the mix of the metal and wood, as well as the shape.
um....notice the legs of one extremely tired and hot 12 year old?
but, also notice the great graphic orange pillow on the white slipcovered chair....
you know the house that i am building? we actaully just installed some horizontal trim just like this in the mudroom....so, it was really fun to see this entire store decked out in the same treatment!
the soft white walls, grey concrete floors and neutral upholstery are the perfect backdrop for the great lighting, occasional pop of color, and natural accessories of glass, coral and wood.

i really loved the lamps at this store. each one was was very sculptural and elegant.
i also liked the subtle pattern and texture added by this cowhide rug...

***many thanks to haley at pizitz, who showed me around and answered my barrage of questions, and allowed me to take these pictures!
if you are in seaside, be sure to stop in and check this store out!

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  1. great store - i'd love to make it my apartment here in Dubai! :)