Jul 21, 2011

house update: master bath selections

just a quick update to show you the tile selections for my clients new house. we are doing the wall area
behind the master bathroom vanities in this pretty glass/marble mosaic:

i am really excited about how the floors turned out! we bought 12" tiles and had them ripped in half
to create this brick pattern. it's subtle and sophisticated, and we saved quite a bundle by buying standard 12" tiles.
a look at the granite with the accent tile: the walls will be a super soft grey/green color.
i am looking forward to sharing pictures with you when it is all finished!


  1. Now that is the way to make standard tile look fabulous!! Love the cut and the pattern! Janell

  2. Was the ripped edge of the tile not sharp? I've thought of doing that, but the edge seemed too rough. Very nice looking though!

  3. i love love love love love the floors. looove.

    and cutting the 12" in half is a GREAT idea. (am storing that floor in my brain.)


  4. the tiles are actually a natural stone, so it cut easily and the edges are the same as tiles that come with a "factory edge". you can also easily cut porcelain tile, as it is the same material all through the tile. ceramic tile...which is almost ALL of what we see in home improvement stores, would be much more difficult to do this treatment with, as the colored portion of the tile is just a glaze on the top.
    hope this helps!