Jul 22, 2011

vincente wolf in manhatten

just a few images from my stash. this space was designed by vincente wolf for a single dad
and his two sons. i love the clean lines and masculine feel of the space. 
i don't think i have ever liked bean bag chairs so much!
i really like this interesting treatment of the drapery in back of the mirror....and the way it is installed
around the beam on the ceiling. 
this entire room is so tranquil and pretty.
is it bad to covet a toilet? cuz i REALLY want this one.


  1. It does seem like an oasis in the city!

  2. Hi Autumn! I discovered your blog through Finding Fabulous...and your adorable DIY packaging!

    I'm working on a blog series called 'Ask The Pro' where readers can submit questions and a professional decorator will answer some of their questions.

    Would you be interested in being one of the guest 'pros?' :)

    P.S. I'm originally from Knoxville...looks like you lived there at one point!