Jul 14, 2011

spotted: quadrille in southern living

this month as i perused the july issue of southern living, i kept seeing quadrille fabrics...
quadrille is a designer fabric company that  carries a fabulous range of printed fabrics, but one thing that keeps a lot of people away: high prices and a 5 yard minimum. good for us that several fabric companies, including waverly have made some fabrics that bear a striking resemblance to some quadrille fabrics.
first up: southern living decorating editor lindsey ellis beatty transformed her kitchen and breakfast and infused them with a "happy spot of color and pattern" using this fabric:

zig zag: brown on tint

i am in LOVE with this space! it has the perfect balance of traditional + modern.
i really love the way the saarinen table is paired with the traditional chairs upholstered in the
simple and graphic quadrille fabric.
isn't that salmon colored loveseat? *sigh.

next up, eddie ross transformed a pair of flea market columns into some pretty outdoor lamps, using the same fabric in another colorway:
leaf on tint:

isn't this space fresh and pretty? i like that the bright colors and whimsical patterns are grounded by the dark, textural furniture.
you can get eddie's instructions on the column to lamp transformation here.

and finally, designer meg braff used two more quadrille fabrics in the design of her 
north georgia lake house:
ziggarut: orange on tint
(i am almost certain that this is the fabric used here---but i love how she used it at an angle! it adds a fun twist to this already interesting and pretty fabric.)

and, another colorful fabric in the family room:
cap ferrat:

you can drool over more quadrille fabrics here.


  1. I love their fabrics. Every one of them is gorgeous, but I especially like the colors of the last one.

  2. LOVE these. the room compositions and textile combinations are brilliant. totally heart them xo Diane

  3. I love your designes, and I love quadrille fabrics!