Jul 27, 2011

design plan: golden gate dining room

i started working on this  san francisco e-design dining room early in the year. as soon as i saw pictures of the rest of my clients home, i knew this room had to be pretty special. we wanted something that was sophisticated, and wanted the color palette to be soft. the minute i saw that shallow trey in the ceiling, i knew that i wanted to slather it with wallpaper. thank goodness my client was on board!
here are some before pictures:

 here is the design plan, which includes custom silk drapes, a mirrored console, grass cloth wall covering above newly installed wainscoting, and a subtle metallic wallpaper in the inner trey of the ceiling.

i will be sharing "after" pictures tomorrow! there are still some missing items, but all of the big elements are in place and the room is looking great.
and, just for fun...a quick peek at the other spaces in my clients home that she decorated herself...arent' they great?
 yay for black walls!

all photos taken by my client

interested in working together to create a more functional and beautiful space? email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com for more information and rates. i have slowly (emphasis on the s-l-o-w been working on the tabs at the top of my blog, and should have some information on my services 


  1. Great design plan. I have sourced that wallpaper you selected for the ceiling and pictures just don't do it justice. The texture and color is really amazing. Can't wait to see the results! M.