Jan 12, 2012

ikea rug into a window seat cushion

about a year and a half ago, i bought an orange, tan and black throw rug at ikea (the no longer available jyllinge rug).
 it was on sale for $3.99, and at the time i  had NO idea what i was going to do with it...i just knew i LOVED the colors and i HAD to have it.

as i was pulling together gradys room, i used the rug as color inspiration, but i still wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. when i decided to use an expedit bookcase as a window
seat, i decided that i would use the rug to have some new cushions made for the top of the window seat.

here is the result!
as you can see, i rehung his old curtains, and added a few pillows.
(the one on the right is made from thom filicia's lawrence fabric in taupe)
the wood stool is from home goods.
the wall color is benjamin moore's blue springs 1592.

the fabric for the curtains was purchased on clearance for $1 a yard at walmart. (yes, walmart!)
the brown herringbone fabric on the larger pillow is by ralph lauren, which i purchased on ebay.
the banded leather and cowhide pillow was purchased at joss and main.

the rug wasn't quite big enough to have all two 36" cushions made, so i opted to cover the bottom of the cushions with a faux leather, purchased at my local joanns.

i really love the way the cushions turned out!

there are still quite a few projects left to do in his room, and i have yet to hang anything on the wall, but i am hoping to have his room totally finished in the next two weeks.
notice that i said "hoping"....


  1. This looks GREAT!!!! I bet that rug will be more durable than any fabric you could have gotten. I just love it, Autumn!

  2. What a great idea. I think the rug turned cushion looks fabulous! I also really like the wood stool; that's a great HomeGoods find.


  3. I love the masculine, funky colour scheme of Grady's room! The cushions are absolutely adorable! Well done, Autumn!

  4. That is incredibly clever and will be very durable, love the look! Janell

  5. The cushions look great! I love the inspiration board. Great color scheme!


  6. Oh my gosh this is perfect! I love the idea of using a rug to cover a cushion, very durable. The room is really coming together, love the curtains...

  7. This looks wonderful. I love your mix of fabrics.

  8. This is looking great! Love the dual sided cushion!

  9. LOVE. Especially great that this room will grow with him--even if you don't intend to stay int hat rental long!

  10. i wouldve never thought to use a rug for upholstering!! love it!!


  11. Great idea, I know I will look at things in a different perspective now

  12. This looks fabulous!! Such a smart idea. I LOVE it!

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  14. holy cow i love this! such a great idea to use the rug as cushions. It's so masculine but stylish