Jan 20, 2012

plan b: table lamp for grady's room

so, i ordered this lamp for grady's nightstand from the foundary right before christmas:
i loved the industrial look, the large metal shade, and the articulating arm.
it was just what i was looking for!
well, imagine my surprise when this lamp showed up at my doorstep:

hmm. yeah, it took me about 10 seconds to realize that this was NOT the lamp i ordered.
plus, the arm of the lamp was totally bent.
can you see how bent it is on the picture?!
(i was beginning to feel like a chump. did they not think i would notice? gheesh.)

i called the foundary to see if i could swap the bent/wrong lamp for the lamp i ordered, but they didn't have any more left. (insert a very sad face from me and some begging to see if they knew who made it and where i could find it. they didn't. and then i proceeded to spend the next hour on the internet looking for an alternative that wasn't $400 with no luck.)
customer service was really nice, and refunded my money, but i still don't have a lamp for his night stand.
i recently won a $50 gift card from west elm from jean's great blog (flower hill designs), so i think i might use it to cover part of the cost of a new lamp.

here are some that i am considering:
morten table lamp.
the matte finish is nice, the shape is great, and i like that this lamp would add another dose
of black to the room.

i also really like these lamps:
industrial task lamp

stephen antonson table lamp

cast metal horse lamp

i have had a crush on the barometer lamp from ikea forever, and it is very affordable.

i am leaning toward the morten table lamp, but will probably wait for a few more weeks before i commit.
there is a home goods about 3 miles form my house, and i am going to make a few trips there to see if
anything that catches my eye. i will keep you posted!


  1. Hi Autumn,
    Did you see some of the Kirkland's versions?



  2. Since it's for your son, be mindful of anything with a metal shade. It will get quite hot when it's on, so not be nearly as adjustable as you might expect or need (I learned this the hard way). You have to wait till it's off to move the shade into a better position.

    The Morten has the advantage of a light-colored shade which will give more light to the room, also. But, it only allows a 60 watt bulb. Is that bright enough for desk work?

  3. I have the barometer floor lamp in my daughter's nursery. I was surprised by how sturdy it is. It has been knocked over a few times from some kids playing hide and seek behind it and it didn't do any damage. It puts out A LOT of light so I changed to a 30 watt bulb for nighttime changing/feeding. I can't believe that they tried to substitute that lamp. They are not even close.

  4. I just bought the West Elm Industrial Wall Sconce for my office....LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The finishes n the task lamp are beautiful, the sconce only came in white, but I am happy with that.

  5. I really love all the options, but what I would do is get the IKEA lamp for my son's bedroom - it really looks fantastic and if it's affordable the better! Then I would spend that West Elm gift card on that fabulous Stephen Antonson lamp for my family! Had not noticed that one and I'm loving it!! M.

  6. Autumn, I was at Home Depot last night and they have a sliver lamp just like the one from Ikea. It looks pretty great!

  7. What the??? Um yeah not even the same lamp! Sorry you are back to looking for options I do like the west elm or ikea one! Thanks for sharing the updates on the way!

  8. the ole bait and switch, umhmmm...i thought that was illegal, you were pretty nice. I would have been really mad. That just isn't right. I feel badly for you. I hope they paid for the shipping to and fro...

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