Jan 5, 2012

patchwork cowhide rugs

something i have been seeing and loving lately?
patchwork cowhide rugs. 
i love the texture and organic pattern that a cowhide rug adds to a room,
and i adore the way the patchwork rugs add an additional layer of graphic appeal to an already classic look.

 the graphic pattern on this rug is gorge-eous.
i would love to have a rug like this in my office!

 its hard to believe that this is cowhide! it is such a fresh and modern look.

 i don't know which one i like more...the view or the rug.

what a statement room, eh? even though it has a lot of competition, that rug is definitely pulling it's design weight in the room.
i don't know the original source of the above 4 images, but i found them here.

love the pattern on this one....

zara home

this room is so calm and yet so fabulous! 
architectural digest

here is where you can find similar rugs:

maverik rug-sand, z gallerie

i love the organic shapes and stitching in this one....
(cowhide flower rug in white, the rug company.)

this one is pretty amazing as well.
(cowhide morroco rug, the rug company.)

how fun is this one?

or this one?

i love the graphic look of this one as well!

this is really small picture, and i almost wasn't going to post it, but i really liked the way that
the small panels in this rug mimic the look of a hide in it's natal state...

if you like this look, but are not ready to commit to a rug, 
you can find some pillows with similar designs:

so, what do you think about these rugs?
love them? hate them? think they are great but just not for you?
do tell...


  1. My friend has a white and cream patch work on and it is soft on bare feet. This post has a great collection!

  2. i think they are cool. MOOOVE over wool, there's a new rug in town!!!

  3. I love the look and tried to get a client to use one in her living room before Christmas. She wasn't ready for the look...Great post!

  4. I have admired these for quite some time. I have cowhides in my own home, but the idea of the pattern is taking it to an entirely new (awesome) level! M.

  5. I have to admit, I'm kind of freaked out by that fireplace wall with the round brass fireplace surround--the whole thing looks like a big creepy face with a gaping mouth, doesn't it?

    But YES to patchwork cowhide!

  6. I have seen a few at market and some are pretty awesome!

  7. heather, i have to agree with you on that slightly crazy fireplace wall! there were several items in that room that i was like.. "WHAAA????". but, the awesome cowhide rug was too cool to not post....

  8. I think that brass fireplace surround makes it look like an oversized washing machine! And an ugly one at that!

  9. Yep - we have these - and we also have some that are sort of 'laser engraved' with patterns that are monochromatic too. Very cool - glad you like the patchwork and area rugs - we personally think they're an uber-cool design element - that's durable, and doesn't break the bank. Happy designing in 2012!