Jan 17, 2012

schumacher look-alike fabrics

when it comes to decorating a home, i am solidly in the camp of "save some, splurge some".
 i love finding a great looking affordable find that is similar to a higher end piece. however, there are also times when paying a little bit more can get you an item that can really elevate and transform a room....and often, that item is a fabric.
it's no secret that a lot of designers (including myself) are big fans of high-end fabrics like the ones from schumacher. here are some less expensive dupes for some of my favorite schumacher fabrics:
schumachers camberwell vase in citrine is a fabulous, large scale print with various shades of greys and yellows on an ivory background. it retails for over $130 a yard.

isham indienne in lemongrass by waverly is very similar, and less than $20 a yard.

schumachers zanzibar in space retails for over $200 a yard, although you can buy it here 
for around $155 a yard. this is the fabric i just used for pillows in my living room.

giverny spice by rich loom is a dead ringer for zanzibar, but only 12.98 a yard.

chinois fret is an expensive, textural geometric print that would look great on a large upholstered piece.

this geometric print is similar, and much less pricey.

i really love the energy and color that chiang mai dragon print in lacquer brings to a space, but at 
over $150 a yard, it is not cheap.

formosa compari has a similar look at a fraction of the price.

ellis floral vine in indigo is another great schumacher fabric that sells for over $115 per yard.

although a little bit brighter, gadabout blueberry by stout is a great look-a-like, for substantially less.

soleil l.a. print  would look great on some outdoor pillows.

asha pewter  is more subdued, but has a similar look to the schumacher print.

coconut grove in aqua and tan  is a fabric that i would love to use in my own home someday.
the soft blues and browns are so pretty.

aviary toile in robin has a very similar look. maybe i will just use it instead!

happy shopping!


  1. nice work! I love starting a project from an inexpensive fabric--whether from a less expensive line or from a discounter--in a statement pattern, and letting everything fall out from there. That way I avoid the trap of "needing" the perfect/expensive thing to pull it all together.

  2. GREAT finds! I love the Formosa fabric. Have you seen the white colorway? It's not a dead ringer for anything, but it's cheap and the colors are amazing!


  3. I love this!! thanks for the look-a-likes!

  4. Nice look a likes. That schumacher fabric gets me every time. BTW, there are a couple of auctions for the coconut grove in tan on ebay. All less than twenty. One even has three yards. And, some of them are reposts. Apparently, no one is interested in the colorway. I just picked up Shumacher's chalmont for get this... four dollars last night. Perfect for some kitchen cafe curtains. :)

  5. nice!! that is awesome. i don't check ebay nearly often enough. but thanks for the info!

  6. I think that geometric print is the one that I just used in a client's home office. Great choices here...all of them! I used to have the coconut grove linen on pillows in my family room (sold them though--I am always switching up the pillows and on the lookout for fabric deals). Great post!

  7. Love this post & had to pin it. Thank you!

  8. Great post! Love finding great look-a-like fabrics for less and love having help doing it!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been searching for the Formosa fabric and couldn't find who made it anywhere! I found a company that still had the fabric on major sale and bought a few yards! :)

    1. you are welcome! glad you were able to find the fabric you needed!