Jan 27, 2012

judging a book

admit it.
you do it too-
judge the interior of a house based on the way it looks from the outside...

i do it all the time. i love driving through historic and high-end neighborhoods, taking in all of the beautiful architecture. sadly, i am usually disappointed when i catch a glimpse of the interiors, as most homes are  not as glorious on the inside as they are on the outside.

i am fairly certain the interiors of these houses are just as amazing as the exteriors.
happy daydreaming friends!

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and just for kicks...what may be the perfect entry:
i liked this image so much, i pinned it THREE times!
(pinning past midnight is sometimes a bad idea)
happy weekend!


  1. Wow! The 2nd pic...is my dream home! White clapboard, black shutters, and those columns!!! I love it! Also, I really love the entry too (last pic)! I'm suprised that someone would use a dutch-door as their front door! It's definitely different, but I love it! It's quirky!

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. LOVE! I am guilty of the same thing! Maybe there is a support group??? That is the perfect entry.

    I posted an inspiration board for my master bedroom today, come check it out!

  3. Ill take anyone of them! I love colonial style homes and spanish style too. They are both different, but living here in Tennessee I get so tired of the flat front brick homes.