Jan 9, 2012

my living room: an update

a few updates in my living room:
the pictures aren't great...but when this room is all finished, i will get some better images.

on each side of the large mirror, i hung two matching vintage gauche paintings. (gauche is an opaque watercolor)
since i knew i had to keep all of my existing furniture and my existing rug, i chose to stick with a color scheme of camel, gray, black and orange. 

i also got the cushions back for this chair. i chose a large scale ticking fabric in ivory and white with a contrast welting in black velveteen. all three pieces (the back and seat cushions on the chair, and the ottoman cushion) took about 3.5 yards of fabric and cost about $120 at my upholstery shop. not a bad deal to totally transform this chair. you can see how it used to look here.

one thing that used to bother me about the ottoman cushion was that it didn't have any way to secure it to the ottoman itself...it was just a loose cushion. when  i took it to the upholsterers, i had them add two ties near each corner so i could wrap them around the legs to secure the cushion. it has worked like a charm! the cushion stays put, and i actually like the way the ties look!

i was really excited to put the new cushions on the chair, but it wasn't until i got the zanzibar pillows back from my seamstress that i fell in love with the chair! i really love how the stripes and the zany floral work with each other. the pillows were a splurge, but well worth it!
the black lamp was purchased at a thrift store. it started out brass, but i spray painted it black a few years back.
the peace sign hand was also purchased at the foundary.
the mercury glass bowl was also a thrift store find. it is filled with rocks from a beach on whidbey island, where my husband and i went for our anniversary two years ago.

my old, badly-needing-to-be-recovered-chair got a pick me up with a faux fur pillow in a hexagonal cutout pattern, found at tj maxi for around $8. i got the little metal stool at the foundary.

here is a look at the other side of the room. right behind the sofa is the dining room table. 
i haven't hung anything on the wall there yet....i am still trying to decide what to do. i have a few pieces that are leaning on the floor there that my or may not get hung there.
i think i am going to paint the metal bases of my ottomans an off-white. i want an additional pop of cream somewhere in the room...and right now, the stools blend in with the tones of the sofa too much.
i don't like the dining room fixture at all, but i will most likely leave it alone, since this is a rental house.

the large embroidered pillow and the zanzibar pillow were both made by my seamstress. she bought extra of both fabrics, and will have both pillows available soon in her etsy shop. she is in the middle of an out of state move right now, but when she gets settled, i will give you a heads up.

here is a close up look at the embroidered pillow. it is really beautiful in person! the subtle texture and sheen are really gorgeous. 

a better look at the zanzibar fabric...it's so pretty in person! the blue-gray tones, the deep orange, and the camels and blacks are so sophisticated, and the linen is a nice heavy weight. you really get what you pay for when you order a schumacher fabric!

all of the holiday garland is gone, but i still have all of my mercury glass displayed.
in a few weeks, i will replace the twigs with a fern or other plant to add some green, 
and will most likely take down the mercury glass and add some other accessories.

thanks for taking a look at the updates in my living room!
there are still a few more items i want to address:
1. probably paint the ottomans, and possibly change the fabric.
2. iron and hem the curtain panels.
3. add some green to the room with live plants.
4. possibly change out with light fixture...sorry i didn't show you pictures of it..it is an ugly ceiling fan with four horrible lights. the lighting in the room is really harsh, which i know can be improved with a new light...i am just not sure i want to go through the hassle.
5. eventually replace the tan chair.
6.paint of refinish the table in between the chairs. you can't tell form the pictures, but the top is really in bad shape. 


  1. Your room is gorgeous and I love both of your wall collages. Great fabrics too. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi sweet pea!!! Its been awhile! I love your new upholstry jobbo, the chair looks awesome!! Your living room is lookin good sister =) xoxo shelli

  3. Love seeing your updates and the fact the fact you're using what you have. I'm right there with you! It's a challenge but I think blog readers appreciate it. Your mirror is stunning!

  4. Ignore my silly typos. I need coffee.

  5. Everything looks great! Love that zanzibar Schumacher fabric and the updated mirror looks great in the space!

  6. Looking good! I especially love the wall with the antlers and the frames - beautiful!

  7. The room looks beautiful!! I love the changes you have to come I think it will lighten up the look a bit more. Love those stools, I should have bought them at JCP!

  8. I love the room, it is beautiful. Could you please let us know where you bought the curtains and the ticking stripe fabric? Thanks!

  9. The paint color looks really great with it too! Do you know what is it?

  10. i actually do NOT know the paint color--sorry! this is a rental house and the color was here when we moved in.
    the curtains are the ritva panels from ikea.

  11. I'm loving that striped cane chair! looks great!

  12. Looking good! It's fun to see progress. Definitely looking more and more like a home.

  13. Are those stools from JCPenney? Wish they still made those! Also, who makes that stool by your couch ?lattice /metal/round stool
    Thanks, Rachel

  14. yes, the stools are form jc penney. they are no longer available. i purchased the metal barrel stool at kirklands about a year ago. it is no longer available.

  15. You probably got this question already, but I need to know where you got the antlers. They are gorgeous.

  16. my husbands friend is an avid hunter....we visited him last summer, and i BEGGED him until he gave me the antlers!

  17. The space looks beautiful! Spray painting the mirror was a great idea. I love the accessorizing in the space too! Great job! :)

  18. Your room looks so warm and inviting. Loving that zanzibar fabric on the pillow.